Be close to your customers through more than ten communication channels ..

Encourage them to communicate with you .. to gain their trust and loyalty ..

Easy Connect - An important tool of e-marketing and communication with customers, helps you to attract more customers on social networks without any additional cost ..
by providing ten different communication channels (live chats - Call - email - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - WhatsApp - Telegram - Tik Tok - Snapchat) ..

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إيزي كونكت
Most popular social media icons

You can communicate with your customers easily, quickly, at your fingertips and from anywhere withou..

Free live chat service with many advantages

Ease of adding settings in just two steps (copy - paste). You do not need to enter any site and prep..

Modern and elegant design and provides a great user experience

If you want to add a button to communicate on social networking sites, that is easy, but if you want..

ابني جمهورك وحقق أهدافك
ابني جمهورك وحقق أهدافك

Build your audience

Increase your sales

Achieve your goals

وفر الكثير من تكاليف التسويق

Let them follow you

Save the trouble of searching for them

Save a lot of marketing costs

وفر الكثير من تكاليف التسويق
لاتفقدهم إذا غادروا
لاتفقدهم إذا غادروا

Encourage them to follow you

Interact with them

Contact them if they leave your store


Call Icon


Social Icons


Email Icom


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some features that will make your communication with your customers faster and easier

Support chat history..

View previous direct conversations with the client...

Easy and flexible control and customization..

You can control where the buttons appear, the color of the icon, and a lot of customization settings You can also show or hide the entire ap..

continuous development..

Continuous development and continuous addition of features and capabilities...

Flexible chat screen..

The client can drag the chat window anywhere on the screen to change its position...

The chat application is available on all platforms..

The live chat application is available on all platforms for free (Apple Store, Google Play, Mac, Windows) as it allows you to respond to cus..

Send photos, files and screenshots..

The ability to send photos and files, Also, Take Screen shots in live chats...

Multilingual ..

The orientation and position of the icons are changed according to the display language of the visitor, and the explanatory phrases of the i..

Customizable chat window and layout..

Change and customize the settings of the chat window through the settings of the chat application..

no hidden fees..

There are no additional or hidden fees for any of the services included in the application...

plans and Pricing

Simple and Nominal Prices


1.33 $ / Monthly

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