Setup Social Media

To set up social media icons

Follow the instructions below to ensure that it appears without any errors


- Setting up a button to communicate via Twitter

Go to your Twitter account


Open the profile page - the username appears below your name


Copy it without the @ sign.


- Setting up the Facebook Connect button

We have two types of accounts on Facebook (personal account - page)

First: personal accounts:-

Your public profile username is the same as your timeline.

From your Facebook profile, click your profile picture in the top right.

Click on Settings and Privacy.

Click on Settings.

A page appears with the general profile settings, in front of the username, you will notice the full account link.

Just copy the username which is the part that follows this link facebook.com/ after the back dash sign - as it appears in the image.

Copy the username without the dash mark.


Second: Pages:-

Open the page in a web browser

You will notice that the full page link will appear.

Just copy the page ID only, which is the part that follows this link facebook.com/ after the back dash - as shown in the image.

Copy the ID without the dash sign.


Setting the Instagram button

Log in to your Instagram account

Click on the profile picture

A menu will appear - click on "Profile"

A page will appear with the username on top of it - next to the "Edit Profile" button.

Copy and paste it into the "Instagram username" field in the app settings on your store.


And so on other social media accounts

Just copy the username without any tags or links.

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