some features that will make your communication with your customers faster and easier

Most popular social media icons..

You can communicate with your customers easily, quickly, at your fingertips and from anywhere without the need to use any intermediary software, whether responding to them via social networking sites or through direct chat service (all of this is available from your mobile phone or computer). With t..

Modern and elegant design and provides a great user experience..

If you want to add a button to communicate on social networking sites, that is easy, but if you want to add a mobile call button, a direct chat button, and a button for social networking icons, you will need three buttons on the site and this is annoying for customers.. We solve the problem for you ..

Easy and flexible control and customization..

You can control where the buttons appear, the color of the icon, and a lot of customization settings You can also show or hide the entire application from the store with just a click of a button, in addition to the ease of controlling the icons that appear with ease by activating or disabling the ic..

continuous development..

Continuous development and continuous addition of features and capabilities...

Multilingual ..

The orientation and position of the icons are changed according to the display language of the visitor, and the explanatory phrases of the icons are changed based on the language of the browser, as well as more than one language can be added to the live chat window and translations can be added manu..

no hidden fees..

There are no additional or hidden fees for any of the services included in the application...

great user experience..

Beautiful and comprehensive design while maintaining a great user experience...

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